ESPN Is A Bunch Of Bullies

ESPN Doesn’t Like Blogs Very Much Afterall

Ok so I guess I am a little late addressing this topic because as you know, it gets a little hazy around these parts. Watching this madness was enough to make even a peaceful stoner blogger like myself angry though. Jerrod Morris of Midwest Sports Fans got himself into a whole heap of shit with Phillies Outfielder Raul Ibanez when he brought up the fact that his stats have gotten out of control on this article. He brings up the question of whether or not Ibanez was using performance enhancing drugs. Before going any further, I want ALL of you to actually read the article.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait…………

Ok, done yet? In the article, Jerrod brings up the fact that his stats have significantly increased this year as opposed to previous years and we are only 55 games into the season. Not once did he ever say in the article that he thinks Ibanez took steroids or that he had any proof, all he did was give facts and if anyone can find anything in the article that proves me wrong, let me know.

Even if he had said that Ibanez took steroids, he has that right. Last time I checked, this was America where we have freedom of speech as well as freedom of press. Call it unethical if you want but I don’t think that anyone who actually read the article can really say that.

After Jerrod wrote the article, it ended up being the topic of a Philadelphia Inquirer article that pretty much said that he was wrong and made it sound like he was actually coming out and straight up accusing Ibanez which I don’t agree with at all.

Ibanez didn’t like that too much.  (view the video for what he said about it)

What else was next for the big boss of sports, ESPN, to get involved. They invited Jerrod, John Gonzalez (writer of the Philly Inquirer Article), and Ken Rosenthal, a senior baseball writer from Fox sports. It was supposed to be a simple debate among these gentlemen which quickly turned into more of an ambush where Rosenthal and Gonzalez team up on Jarrod (mainly Rosenthal). I only wish I could have been on there to even the score. That conversation would have went way differently. The whole thing reminded me of when they called Will Leitch (Of Deadspin, at the time) on the Costas show and they tried to bury him as well. Bloggers had his back too though.

First Rosenthal talks about how there is no chance anyone would have printed an article like that 10 years ago. It is NOT 10 years ago right now though. There is a reason that blogging is becoming more mainstream. It’s because bloggers keep it real and they are not afraid to hide or not share their opinions. People have been waiting on that for a long time.

Another argument Rosenthal brings up is that there should be “standards” to blogging and that you should think more before “you hit enter.” (I don’t hit enter to publish posts by the way, I hit the publish button… Enter takes me to the next line) He is right though. There should be standards. You should not take personal shots at people (FUCK KEN ROSENTHAL), you should only state facts (HE SUCKS), and you should not be hypocritical. I didn’t see Ken Rosenthal saying anything when Jim Rome (Host of his own show on ESPN and part of “real” media) blasted Barry Bonds numerous times and it STILL hasn’t come out for certain whether or not Barry is guilty.

“Had Barry accepted the governments offer of immunity and just told the truth, he would not be in this position. Then he’s just a cheater, instead of a cheater, a liar, and a potential convicted. Allegedly. Well actually with this indictment, I am going to change my allegedly to probably.”

Doesn’t sound very professional to me.  Jarrod didn’t say anything like that.

I can take any number of Jim Rome clips as well as a number of other ESPN regulars and post them on here and show you guys how hypocritical all this nonsense is but it’s not necessary. The bottom line is, people don’t read blogs expecting for it to be ESPN. If that was the case we would just go to People read blogs because they are written by real people and because they are uncensored. Blogs are meant to be more personal and traditionally have not been afraid to tackle topics that ESPN usually comes in on later like cheerleader scandals.

With all of that being said, I will say fuck ESPN even though I guess that makes me a hypocrite too because they are on my TV right now and it rarely changes from that channel. As much as I hate them sometimes, I still love them and they have all the sports covered. When you come at bloggers though, expect retribution. I am one of dozens of bloggers who have chimed in on this and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

If you get the chance, say whats up to Jerrod yourself on Twitter. He’s a cool guy who I talked to a lot on there way before this.  Show him some love and support.

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