Even More Stoner Art

Cliff Maynard’s work is awesome! Some use oil, pastels, watercolor, he uses roaches!  Thats right, ever piece he does is done using roaches that he collects and then arranges based on their dark or light qualities.  I could never imagine being able to do this, but I could donate some roaches to the cause.

Check out his website, Chronic-Art.Com.  He sells prints and originals for decent prices.  He also has works of Jimi Hendrix, Jesus, Jerry Garcia, Method Man, Snoop Dog, and even Michelangelo’s Creation.

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Author: OB Cron Kenobi

I am a 22 year old grad student. As a young kid I gardened and did odd jobs for an elder neighbor, upon moving to college she was diagnosed with MS and I was invited to start a new job: Caregiver and Medical marijuana provider. I have been off and growing ever since. I have grown organic, and non organic, sativa and indica, hydroponic and soil, in a dresser and in a basement in about every way using every method. I have built multiple grow rooms for friends and patients. Made numerous types of Hash, Oils, and Ganja Food. Harvested record shattering yields of some of the greatest cannabis strains available. HailMaryJane is the best online community for us upcoming young growers. So sit back light one up, kick up your feet after some hard work in the garden, and learn the tips and tricks of the trade between the 4:20 flick and the Daily Toke. I consider myself an encyclepedia for all things Ganja, and if I don't have an answer- I'll research it and get back to you. I love the endless knowledge behind the plant. I am constantly learning new things, old tricks handed down to young masters. My hope is to create a section on this website dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana and the science behind it. Feel free to email me your questions and tips. I plan to publish the good ones on the site for others to learn from.

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