Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop


An Oakland man was arrested last week for impersonating a police officer. He wasn't walking around with a police uniform on though, he had the full setup with the car and everything. I am assuming he must have been doing this for a while, until he tried to pull over an undercover cop that is.

Police say 21-year-old Antonio Fernandez Martinez of Oakland was arrested Wednesday in the Fruitvale district after trying to pull over an unmarked police vehicle. Martinez was driving a Ford Crown Victoria outfitted with flashing lights, a microphone and speakers.

Martinez, a convicted car thief, will have his felony probation revoked and could face a prison term.

You might be wondering why I used a Ronald McDonald picture for this story. It's because you have to be a clown to do some dumb shit like this, especially if you are already on probation.



Author: Lenny

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