Falling Asleep Drunk vs. Falling Asleep Stoned

On St.Patty’s day many people passed out in probably some of the dumbest places. My buddy said he passed out upstairs at a bar where all the windows were open and got sunburn. I also heard on the radio that a guy found his friend asleep behind the bar in the dumpster. The dumpster! Hell no would I ever be that messed up to pass out in a damn dumpster. Only someone under the influence of alcohol would be content with sleeping in a dumpster. I was smart enough to fall into a bed at 3am after St. Patty’s Day festivities. But when you’re stoned, you would never think to ever sleep anywhere besides somewhere comfortable. Noway would you find me passed out on cement, at a bar or a damn dumpster. I did puke at the bar at about 1am but I didn’t go night night there. Just another small reason why marijuana should be legalized.

If you aren’t on tumblr, then you’re losing big time. You don’t even need to have one, just be checking all the amazing pictures and hilarious things. There are a ton of different meme’s like the one above. But this time HMJ beat the rest of the interweb to this one. The idea came to me while out drinking on St. Patty’s Day. So I had to do a meme. I’ve done plenty before, but none of them took off and got as many reblogs as this one. Right now it is at 700+ reblogs and counting. So make sure you follow us on tumblr or just check that page out for a ton  more photos of everything weed and more.

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