Fan gets Narc’d at Twins game

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This story is ridiculous, but it highlights the growing chasm between the pro-marijuana contingent and the more traditional folks that can’t seem handle it.  Read on to find out about the whole story.

Via Citypages via ireport from CNN

It seems that a Minnesota Twins fan was determined to be the “the first person to smoke weed at Target Field.”  Target Field is the new home of the Minnesota Twins.  One fan decided he wasn’t going to stand for it, and pointed out our tragic hero to the police.  Here is his account from ireport:

In the 7th Inning a fan in front of us came back to his seat with a red pepper.  He then began carving it out and reached into his pocket and pulled out weed.  With dozens of fans watching he began smoking.

Throughout the game this guy was telling people around him that he was going to be the first person to smoke weed at Target Field.   I got up immediately with the intent of having security watch him take a hit.  I approached security rather than the individual because I was fed up with his stupidity throughout the whole game.  Security walked over to him with his smoking device in his hands and gave him a warning.  HE DID NOT GET KICKED OUT!  They did not even make him throw away his red pepper.  The individual claimed it was ‘oregano.’

The fan who narc’d had brought some children to the game, but why not politely approach the man and ask him to stop for the sake of the children?  He wasn’t hurting anyone except himself with that awful pepper pipe.

Kudos to Twins security for not arresting the man.  This country is getting more relaxed…  What do you think Mary Janers?

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