Fascinated with Bud

What is it about weed? I have been had this question in my mind for a couple years now, but still haven’t found an answer. There is a certain fascination that I think every regular marijuana user experiences – a fascination that every single person reading this website has felt. It is not enough to simply smoke the marijuana, we must know exactly what kind of strain it is, where it was grown, we check websites for pictures and youtube clips of other people who also smoke weed, we listen to music that talks about weed, we spend tons of money on accessories to help us smoke weed, hell I often find myself just sitting around starring at my weed.
So what is it? What is it that makes you purchase that $400 bong? You can tell me it was because of the percolators and the ice catcher and unbreakable glass (believe me, it breaks) that will be worth it in the long run, but I will never believe you – and not only will I not believe you, but I will take that $400 you spent, buy an ounce of Kush and get just as high smoking paper planes. There has to be some source or explanation for this fascination.
I can think of very few things that as many people obsess over as weed, and none of them are even remotely similar. As someone who has spent obscene amounts of money on sneakers, hats and clothing over the past few years, I am no stranger to the mindset of an obsessive person. But when I look at all of the other things I spend large amounts of money on, do research on and spend insane amounts of time thinking about, I notice that they are all fairly permanent and public things. As a person who spends most of my time smoking by myself or with a few close friends, I don’t believe my fascination with weed stems from a need to impress other people (as I don’t usually even use most of the weed knowledge I acquire).
This type of behavior isn’t really seen in any other drug scene either. Not a user myself, but I don’t imagine many cocaine users check message boards to find the best way to chop lines, or have posters of Pablo Escobar on their walls (although if anyone has seen a Pablo Escobar poster, please let me know). Even alcohol isn’t obsessed upon in the same degree unless one is truly dedicated to alcoholism.
My only explanation is that weed is simply the greatest substance this earth has to offer. It creates the best art, music, writing and conversation, and it’s no wonder that we obsess over these things. I have abandoned my longstanding mindset that I had in some form an addiction to marijuana, and have now realized and accepted that I have an addiction to marijuana and everything that comes along with it. This is also something that non-weed smokers will never understand, and contributes to the stigma with which it is looked upon in today’s society.
I’ve decided to start up on twitter again, so if you’ve liked the couple articles that I’ve posted and, like myself, are looking forward to more to come, or have any stories/ideas as to why we are so obsessed with the weed lifestyle, gimme a shout @zeejtweets.

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Author: Zeej

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