Federal Agent Bribery, LAX and Gucci Luggage Full of Cali’s Finest

It was only a few days ago that I reported of how a UK Federal Border Agent was just busted for slinging hash from behind his desk a UK Federal Drug Agency and never to be outdone, here WE go….

The son of a former high ranking Los Angeles fire official and the brother of an LAPD officer has been arrested for trying to ride dirty on American Airlines.

His partner in crime, Dianne Perez, a TSA agent who had previously been down to walk the weed filled bags through screening, hadn’t factored in that one of her co-workers would have such a sensitive nose and pressing urge to do his job.

Millage Peaks Jr., 23, admitted to the FBI that he paid TSA officer Dianna Perez approximately $6,000 to help him pass the LAX security check point with 10-15 pounds of marijuana on Sunday.

Now why is it that when people who were working a scheme together get busted they both start singing like canaries? Millage says he’s been paying Dianna forever to move his bags for him. Dianna says she’s only done this a few time for him.

Either way, she was getting paid a hefty fee of $6,000 each time Millage blessed Boston with that Cali good.

I can only shake my head at them since going all state’s evidence isn’t going to help Dianna, the Federal Agent who decided to go rogue. But Millage will get his own taste of conviction Hell, since not only was he moving bricks, he bribed a Federal Agent to do it.

Oh, and Mr. Peaks Sr. and Officer Sis Peaks deny any knowledge of the real reason that Jr. Millage likes to travel to the East Coast so much. Now why would an officer be suspicious of a 23 year old with $5k worth of bribe money readily available and frequent flyer miles?

Dianna insisting that it was only a few times won’t stop either of them from facing 15 years of Federal Time. So what have we learned from these two, Greenies?

We learned that Federal Agents are the criminal weed pushers that we all should fear and we learned not to attempt to bring weed through luggage in LAX because those bastards are actually trying to bust us!!!

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Author: TRJ

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