Federal Government Doesn’t Care About Legality of California’s Medical Cannabis

U.S. Attorney’s have issued a crackdown on the California [Medical] Cannabis trade. U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner claims the new raids and arrests have resulted in “hundreds of pounds of marijuana, tens of thousands in plants, and thousands in cash.” Yeah, that’s because it’s legal to buy and sell cannabis for medical purposes under California state law.  If the Federal government could just legalize cannabis then they could tax it and wouldn’t need to resort to this sort of “crackdown” in order to confiscate the money. Read more to hear how the U.S. Attorney’s office is continuing this ridiculous war on cannabis right as the statistics and national opinion polls all favor legalization.

The continued ignorance of the federal government about cannabis legalization, or even a trickle of understanding for the sick in the form of legalization for medical cannabis, will inevitably lead to a backlash against prohibition similar to the one experienced at the height of the Great Depression in 1932-33. You can already see the cement-like hold on prohibition with a string of raids on California cannabis dispensaries, where cannabis has been legal for medical purposes since 1996.

Though President Barack Obama said he would not press the issue in most cases, federal agents have begun raiding shops where they say operators are raking in profits — something against state law, which requires pot shops to be nonprofit businesses.

Pot shops around Southern California have been raided, including a growing operations in Riverside County. In Orange County, federal agents moved to seize a property in a forfeiture action on Thursday, and Drug Enforcement Agents raided several shops in San Diego County.

Federal agents announced Friday that medical marijuana shops operating outside of state law must close within 45 days or face civil and/or criminal prosecution.

In an August Angus Reid public opinion poll  this year, 55% of adult Americans said cannabis should be legal. That’s just plain legal. In January of 2010, 81% of respondents to ABC News/Washington Post said medically cannabis should be legal.

It’s only a matter of time before the backlash takes a more strident turn, and Americans become fed up enough to take action. In 1933, it was the repudiation of alcohol prohibition and the Volstead Act. The 21st Amendment championed the choice American’s had to decide their fate in regards to alcohol. Pretty soon, our weakened economy and stringent cannabis laws will force the same type of legislation.

HMJ can’t wait.

Tucson Citizen; CNN; My Fox LA; PHOTO: hempbeach

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