Federal Government Sets Aim at California’s Medical Marijuana Industry

It’s time for all us fellow greenies to unite and stand strong against the U.S Federal Government. After their barrage of new attacks aimed straight at the heart of California’s medical marijuana industry, the cannabis movement is under full attack. Not only are they trying to prosecute providers of medical marijuana but they are also increasing the amount of taxes dispensaries must pay, contacting banks telling them to close accounts associated with medical marijuana, and MMJ patients are now not allowed purchase a firearm simply because they smoke marijuana.

‘80% of Americans support medical cannabis. The only question is whether patients should get the medicine they need from licensed and regulated facilities or from criminals on the street,’ explains DeAngelo, founder of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, a model dispensary. ‘Our patients are already dealing with the physical, emotional, and economic challenges of illness and disability. We cannot stand by while precious Federal resources are used to destroy their safe access to medicine.’

So even though President Obama promised he wouldn’t raid medical marijuana states, he and his other fellow politicians apparently decided it would be a good idea to do all this. In the face of Federal deficits, high unemployment, and an economy which shows no signs of picking up; one must wonder why you would try to destroy an industry that is providing a helpful service to those in need, creating jobs, and contributing billions in tax revenue every year. It literally makes no sense.

In order to combat these insane, power hungry, narrow minded politicians, we need to unite and support the movement more than ever before. Mr. Stephen DeAngelo encourages everyone to either contact the White House by phone at (202) 456-1111 or sign the online petition via the White House website here .

In the meantime, keep smoking, growing, supporting and loving the herb that we know helps people not hurt them.

[Image Via mindbodyandsoulrehab]

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Author: dankOG420

I blaze daily, love writing for HMJ, and pushing the Greenie movement forward!

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