Federal Pot Laws Up For Change

Don’t get your hopes up, but a serious plan has been made by several Representatives in the U.S Congress to let people legally grow, use, or sell marijuana in states that allow it without fear of federal prosecution. Barney Frank from Massachusetts and some Texan named Ron Paul, whoever that is, wrote the bill, and Reps from Michigan, Tennessee, Colorado and California (of course) have sponsored it. The bill goes before congress tomorrow.

Dog faced boy is suspicious that the bill will go anywhere,

I can't spare a moment on the dog faced boy
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but it’s an undeniable statement that the groundswell of public opinion against prohibition has reached the highest levels of government.

Countries which have decriminalized reefer on a federal level have thus far shown no signs of the dreaded madness, and these Reps think we may be able to show the same strength of sanity in the U.S. This bold new trend of government officials both listening to and showing some respect for their constituency certainly spells doom for the bill. My Random Sarcasm Generator is starting to overheat, so let’s dial it back and just say that any discussion in D.C. about ending marijuana prohibition is a good thing.

The bill would remove all federal involvement in marijuana law except to control marijuana crossing the U.S. border or between states with different marijuana laws. It’s the first bill ever introduced to suggest lifting the bans on both possession and sales, and it has big support both in the House of Representatives and out: former President Jimmy Carter wrote a piece entitled “Call Off The Global Drug War” in The New York Times about a week ago, possibly to soften the ground a little bit before the bill was presented.

So: will we remember the first year of the second decade of this century as a tipping point in the drug war? We’re about to find out.

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