Feds Raid Oaksterdam District Early Monday Morning

As of Monday  afternoon, activists and onlookers are still puzzled as to why Federal agencies and agents raided Oaksterdam early Monday morning. Richard Lee, founder/owner of the famed Oaksterdam University, Blue Sky Coffee Shop  and financial backer of Prop 19 seems to be the target of the raids by the Feds. Nearly every Federal agency including: DEA, US Marshals and the IRS had agents involved in the early morning raids. The Oakland PD wasn’t even aware of them happening when watchers called a robbery in progress.  I may have been dreaming in 2007, but I SWEAR Obama promised us he’d halt targeting medical marijuana!

Fast forward to 2011.Within the last six to nine months, Federal and State agencies have been stepping up pressure on collective owners to close down and also threatening their Landlords with property seizures if they continue renting to collective owners throughout California. Quietly, small non-incorporated cities and communities are shutting down existing collectives and denying new ones to open.  Behind closed doors, your elected officials are pushing their opinions and beliefs on all of us in spite of majority vote approving medical marijuana and collectives to operate! It’s not just California! All states with medical marijuana laws are suffering from similar Federal interference.

Here we are, April 2nd, 2012, and the Feds are interfering with medical marijuana again. What’s unclear about the raid is whether Richard Lee is the focus or is it something else. Lee, is also known as “The Princeton of Pot”.  If you think the Feds are providing any answers, you’re wrong.

Arlette Lee (no relation to Richard Lee) stated:

 “What we are doing here today is under seal.”

What the hell? Can you be any vaguer?  Lee stated they were serving federal warrants but would not comment further about the purpose of the raid. Lee was briefly detained but not arrested.  In addition to Lee’s teaching facility (Oaksterdam University) and coffee shop being raided, a marijuana museum and Lee’s home were also raided.

Everyone in Oakland is still in shock.  Oakland City Council approved doubling the number of medical marijuana dispensaries, approving four new potential operators, only two weeks ago. One fear is ever present now. A former student at Oaksterdam University fears the Feds have information on him and every student that attended. What could be done with that information is anyone’s guess at this point. The Feds have again proven a rabid dog behaves more sensibly than they do.

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Author: Doodette420

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