Filipino faces execution by hanging, for marijuana in Malaysia

51-year-old Aida Dizon Garcia was caught exiting a bus in Thailand with 11.9 kilos (approx. $5,900 worth) of marijuana. If that’s not scary enough, Ms. Garcia is now facing execution by hanging if convicted:

A report from The Associated Press quoted Malaysian prosecutor Wan Shaharuddin Wan Ladin as saying that Garcia was traveling as a tourist and that police trailed her bus on a tip.

Garcia pleaded innocent in a court in Malaysia’s central Negri Sembilan state on Thursday, Wan Shaharuddin said.

The court allowed Garcia until April 20 to get a lawyer, the AP reported. A conviction carries the mandatory penalty of execution by hanging.

I’m not opposed to the death penalty as long as what you’re being charged for is worth it! If you’re a serial killer, then why should we pay taxes for you to spend life in jail? But for smuggling Marijuana? An amount that’s not even close to a life-changer at that? I think that’s just ridiculous! The Philippine embassy have been trying their best to defend they’re countrymen but they’re already 60 Filipinos in Thai jails, 23 of them with charges that are drug related. You did the crime, you do the time but you do NOT deserve to die! Greenie’s speak up and vote below! Check out the full story here.

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