female streaker

Finally, a female streaker!! [pics]


female streaker

I have been waiting for this for years. Years of watching middle aged men ruin soccer games by running naked across the field. Ugh. Finally though we’ve had a girl. It’s about time. In Tampa last night a girl in a bikini and an American flag draped around her neck streaked through the field.




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  • http://wet-baywatch-babes.fakereal.nx.cn/ mitesh

    Not bad at all, but this topic is rather little of interest. Please do not disappoint your readership.

  • http://www.hailmaryjane.com/members/admin-2/ Lenny

    different posts serve different purposes. This post has gotten more hits than a lot of my others. I don’t really know what you mean by disappointing my readership. If this post doesn’t interest you, I always have plenty more content for you to enjoy. Have a great day.

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  • Jeff

    I think what he means by disappointing is because the definition of a streaker is and I quote “a person that takes ALL of their clothes off and runs through a public place”. A girl in a bikini running through a public place isn’t a streaker, your post is misleading.

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