Fine Dining in Oregon

If thinking about a cannabis legal future is fun, actually seeing what that future would look like would be better.  We can take that peak right in Oregon.  Cannabis cafes have been opening around Oregon since 2009. Some have been targeted by law enforcement agencies.  Earth Dragon Edibles Restaurant & Lounge originally opened on April 27 and served medical marijuana cardholders Mongolian barbecue meals laced with cannabis-infused grapeseed oil that was provided by the restaurant.  However, the city of Ashland concluded the operation was illegal and rejected the restaurant’s business license application, said City Attorney David Lohman.
The restaurant then submitted a new application stating it would not sell food with cannabis, he said. Based on that information, the city of Ashland then approved the business license, Lohman said. After a brief closure on Monday to rearrange the shop and move drug paraphernalia, Earth Dragon reopened this week. Restaurant Co-owner and Vice President Kevin Wallace said the restaurant will no longer put medical marijuana in customers’ food.

State medical marijuana cardholders may bring their own marijuana to the restaurant and discretely add it to their food, Wallace said. “They can medicate their own food,” he said. The restaurant will offer a service of taking patients’ medical marijuana and infusing it into oil, Wallace said.

It’s all very interesting, but legalization would be easier. It would set loose a lot of energy. Then our attention could turn to Iron Pot Chef. I’d watch that. Original story is from the Chicago Tribune.

[image: Google images Oregon]

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