Fired Up w/ Hail Mary Jane #30 – The Rez & E-Zone Episode

Note:  Due to technical difficulties, we do not have video content for this episode.  

The theme of 30th episode of Fired Up w/ HMJ is drug tests and how to beat them. We discuss which jobs should and should not be tested for and how to pass it if you find yourself in that situation. We may have to revisit this one more time because I feel like there is more to discuss there. Give us feedback there.

We had AWESOME in studio guests this week! We welcomed Rezwan “Rez” Khan whose work and accomplishments are in the cannabis industry are tremendous. Here is a shortlist of all that he does.

Owner and founding member of:
– Seedless Clothing
– Seedless Marketing
– Seedless Glass
– SouthWest Patients Group
– Cannabis Science Center
– Ratio
– Holy Water
– Restalk
– Khanverge Industries
– Intent

Works on a freelance base for High Times Magazine as:
Legal Correspondant
– Expert on Concentrates and Extracts

His experience and knowledge in the industry is widely respected. We discuss and break some serious industry changing moves he is making, the progress of the cannabis industry since he got started in it in the 90s and what the future holds. He also brought some of his terp heavy HolyWater for us to sample. All I have to say is WOW!

We also welcomed E-Zone who is a co host on B-Real TV, Dr. Greenthumb show. He is also one half of the Los Angeles Rap group ‘We don’t smoke the same’. He talks about his music background, what it is like to grow up in LA, having stoner and rap legend B-Real as a mentor, and what’s next for him and his rap group.

We had some interesting call in’s this episode as well including a discussion on getting alligators high that is not to be missed.

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