First Annual High Times Cannabis Cup hits Los Angeles this weekend!

For the first time ever, High Times Magazine will sponsor and host its High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles this weekend.  Los Angelinos are finally able to experience a cannabis/marijuana event worth attending! This coming weekend, February 11th and 12th doors open at noon and will be held at Los Angeles Center Studios in Los Angeles. The area will be transformed into a cannabis/marijuana expo and will feature seminars with leaders from the cannabis/marijuana industry including: expert growers, doctors,  patients, researchers, activists and even members from High Times expert staff!

If you have never attended a Cannabis or Marijuana festival or event or were disappointed with any you have attended, now is the time to see what it’s all about! Who better than the folks at High Times Magazine to throw the best marijuana-inspired event ever!  Whether you are a patient, a recreational user, or just curious about cannabis, there will be something for everyone to learn, see and do.

Map of Event


What to expect while attending the Cannabis Cup:

Saturday, doors open at noon and the event begins with vendors sharing their wares and goods such as glass makers, hydroponics supplies, how-to books, hash/concentrate making equipment, non-profit organizations and of course munchies booths! There are miscellaneous seminars given by experts in the field and topics include:  A patient’s panel, HT cultivation editor Danny Danko and legal seminars discussing patients’ rights.

A HUGE smokout sesh is scheduled for both days at 4:20 in the medication area where everybody comes together and shares a puff at 4:20. Saturday wraps up with a VIP after party featuring music guests: EOTO, DJ Jaques and the band Seedless! It’s a special party for VIP ticketholders only so be sure to grab them while you can. It surely going to be epic and if it’s anything like the Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, there will be joints flying and given away by the hundreds!

Sunday the doors open at noon with more seminars including: An activism panel, a Growing Medical Quality Cannabis seminar and a cultivation seminar with HT’s own Nico Escondido to answer your questions about cultivation.

The event winds down on Sunday with an awards ceremony recognizing the top Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, edible,  concentrate and MORE that are entered by California’s legally operating collectives and dispensaries. It’s a great day to network, buy some new glass, meet some new friends and show your support.

If you don’t attend another cannabis event, do yourself a favor and drive, hitch-hike, longboard, crawl,  hula hoop or whatever you have to do to make it to the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup! It’s the first of a hopefully long running annual event for both High Times and Los Angeles. We as Southern California marijuana/cannabis users need to support this event anyway we can and stand united by showing the Feds our solidarity for the cause! Let’s meet, greet and smoke the WEED!


Come find me at the event for FREE HMJ stickers and a chance to be on our website! We’ll even blaze one or five!

Keepin’ It Green! Doodette

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