Five Things I Like To Do High

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This post was written by JV420, Click here to read more by this author

Don’t let the title mislead you though. I like to do everything high (except my taxes and Spanish homework; it’s all gibberish), but these five things I cherish doing baked.

1. Walking My Dog (in the summer time)

I say the summer time because I fucking HATE winter and the cold. Walking my dog stoned is a special experience for me because I don’t mind walking long distances with her. I just throw on my headphones and we walk…. Even better if it’s a real nice day, just enjoying the scenery and atmosphere. Being close to nature is nice.

2. Taking a Shit

The asshole in the picture above is me from about 4/5 years ago… Such manners. Taking a nice rewarding shit when I’m high is another one of life’s simple pleasures I enjoy. It just feels good. Plus most of the time I sit on the toilet I read, and books are just more interesting. Speaking of interesting literature, I suggest anyone who wants an interesting read should check out “House of Leaves”. It’s quite a strange novel. Hard to read stoned though, because the stories are constantly switching and intertwined, and it gets hard to follow if you can’t remember what you just read.

3. Listening to People

George Harrison was regarded as “the quiet Beatle”… probably because he was baked all the time. This seems pretty normal (or strange) but I enjoy just listening to people talk. Everyone has so much to say about anything, and if you just shut up and listen instead of wanting to do all the talking you learn some truly interesting things about people. It’s also cool to just watch other people talk; you can watch arguments ensue or conversations unravel. Creepy, I know. But hey I’m introverted what can you expect?

4. Chillin Outside

During the Summer or Spring I like to open my garage and sit on a lawn chair and watch cars go by. I guess car watching would count as doing something but it isn’t much. You can watch cars go by and look at the drivers, completely in their own world and oblivious to their surroundings. If I had a rifle with a laser sight I could pick off drivers and they wouldn’t know what hit ’em. But just getting fried and sitting there listening to music, another one of lifes’ simple pleasures.

5. Wake n Bake Followed by A Shower

The best way to wake up in the morning. Nothing better than waking up and pulling out my bong, and taking a couple of rips while still in bed. Couple that with taking a nice hot shower to wake me up and I’m already having an amazing day.

What do you like to do fried? Let me know in the comments below. It’s the little things though that make life worth living and more enjoyable. Keep it blunted.

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Author: JV420

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