Florida Re-Legalization Efforts

Florida may be deep-south, set in it’s ways and heavily populated by older, presumably more conservative folks, but efforts to re-legalize the cannabis plant are going strong in, as Homer Simpson says, America’s wang.


As of early this month, there are now three petitions circulating that are attempting to get recreational marijuana on the state ballot for 2016. Two of these are relatively thin petitions and have very broad specifications. The first of these wants to legalize recreational marijuana use for residents that are 18 years old and above. This is a younger age than is legal in the four states that currently have recreational laws in place.

The second of these aims to legalize marijuana for Florida residents that are 21 and older. However, it only discusses the growth, possession and use of marijuana.

The third is more robust, and it is called The Florida Cannabis Act. The petition is part of Regulate Florida and it proposes laws that are very similar to the restrictions that were put in place in Colorado and in Washington. Like alcohol, marijuana would be available to residents that are 21 and older, possession of up to an ounce would be legal and the growth of as many as six marijuana plants in the home would be legal.

For more information on efforts in Florida the complete, original post is HERE.

I hope you noticed that magical 6-plant garden appearing yet again.  Simultaneously fearing and hoping the 6-plant garden is just around the corner, each Saturday for the last year (or longer), Hail Mary Jane has hosted “GroSkool” to explore the question of:

whether a sufficient quantity of smokable, or ingestible, or concentratable (is that a word?) prime cannabis

can be grown

on an insufficient number of plants, to wit — 6 / 3 in flower, to supply the “house.”

Check it out.  [DB]

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