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We turn to Reuters to keep up with the story coming out of Oakland.  “Hundreds of protesters rallied in front of San Francisco’s City Hall, some on crutches and in wheelchairs and smoking hand-rolled joints. The demonstrators carried signs that said, “Cannabis is medicine; let states regulate” and chanting “Feds off my meds.” There were promises to reopen the cannabis university.
Federal authorities also searched the home of veteran medical marijuana activist and Oaksterdam founder Richard Lee, as well as a nearby medical marijuana dispensary he runs. Lee himself said he worried that he might be prosecuted. “They can indict me any day,” he said, recounting how he was awakened by federal agents armed with assault rifles appearing at his Oakland apartment with a search warrant. “They can arrest me any day.” Agents briefly detained but did not arrest Lee.

Here, we see a corollary of asset forfeiture. This action against Oaksterdam starts like a criminal operation. It avails itself of all the trappings and authority of the criminal law. But a criminal raid ends with an arrest of the bad guy. These raids in Cali do not end in arrest. Arrest is step one of any criminal prosecution, where a jury might say”not guilty.” It’s a risk the government chooses not to take. So we see what they are doing. These raids are more like being strong-armed, being squeezed. But who does things like that? Oh, yeah, bad guys.

“The U.S. government has sought in recent months to shut down storefront dispensaries and greenhouses deemed by federal investigators to be drug-trafficking fronts, as well as those that are located close to schools and parks. Federal action has led to dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries being shut down in California, but so far no one has been charged with criminal activity in connection with the crackdown.” Catch that, “so far no one has been charged,” bit.

“Two universities were struck yesterday,” said Dale Sky Jones, executive director of Oaksterdam, referring to Monday’s raid on her school at the same time a gunman opened fire at the nearby Oikos University. “Federal resources are wasted on failed policy while our cities beg for help with gun violence.”

HMJ will do its best to keep the Greenies informed. Your thoughts are encouraged — share.

[image: google images California]

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