Forbes releases most valuable teams, it may surprise you

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Forbes released a comprehensive breakdown of the most valuable teams in the NBA this week, you can find it here and here.

The Knicks are the most valuable team in the NBA, go figure.  I was surprised at first but after thinking about, I’m not that surprised.  First of all they play in New York.  More money goes in and out of New York then anywhere.  The Yankees could win 50 games from now until the end of time and they would still sell out every game. 

The second reason is that they are one of the NBA’s most storied franchises.  Willis Reed carried the Knicks on his back on one leg in 1970. One of the most classic moments in sports history.

The third reason is Knicks fans are extremley loyal. Don’t ever try to tell a cocky New York sports fan that his team is garbage, the joke of the NBA, or that you question how that would do against your JV high school team. Knicks fans aren’t tryin to hear it. They will support their team to the end. No matter what.

So here is the list from top to bottom of the NBA’s most valuable teams:

New York Knicks – $608 Million
Los Angeles Lakers – $560 Million
Chicago Bulls – $500 Million
Detroit Pistons – $477 Million
Houston Rockets – $462 Million
Dallas Mavericks – $461 Million
Cleveland Cavaliers – $455 Million
Phoenix Suns – $449 Million
Miami Heat – $418 Million
San Antonio Spurs – $405 Million
Boston Celtics – $391 Million
Sacramento Kings – $385 Million
Philadelphia 76ers – $380 Million
Toronto Raptors – $373 Million
Washington Wizards – $348 Million
Utah Jazz – $342 Million
New Jersey Nets – $338 Million
Indiana Pacers – $333 Million
Orlando Magic – $322 Million
Denver Nuggets – $321 Million
Golden State Warriors – $309 Million
Minnesota Timberwolves – $308 Million
Memphis Grizzlies – $304 Million
Los Angeles Clippers – $294 Million
Charlotte Bobcats – $287 Million
Atlanta Hawks – $286 Million
New Orleans Hornets – $272 Million
Seattle SuperSonics – $269 Million
Milwaukee Bucks – $264 Million
Portland Trail Blazers – $253 Million

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