Former Marijuana Smuggler Robert Platshorn Leads “The Silver Tour” in Florida


Former marijuana smuggler Robert “The Tuna” Platshorn, now 70, has become a medical marijuana advocate after spending 30 years in prison for smuggling herb. His goal is to create a medical marijuana program in the state of Florida to cater to the large number of elderly people who are suffering from ailments, diseases, and cancer. Called “The Silver Tour”, Platshorn wants to educate and inform seniors on the benefits cannabis can provide and to encourage activism to create a demand for a medical marijuana program.

Platshorn, one of America’s most famous pitchmen, at age 24 founded the largest chain of schools in Europe. By age 34, he was a major marijuana smuggler from Colombia to the United States, bringing in tons of Santa Marta Gold. Through the Silver Tour, Platshorn brings the truth about marijuana to senior citizens in Florida and nationwide. One of the biggest events yet on that tour will take place on Sunday, January 29, in Boynton Beach, Florida.

The show which will be free with all ages welcome will also feature a screening of the film “Cannabis Science” with Dr. Donald Abrams and many other experts who have been featured in various other marijuana documentaries. Overall this seems like a good start for Florida and building up a patient based demand for medical marijuana in the state.


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