Former Microsoft executive to open retail pot shop

Former Microsoft executive, Jamen Shively, is researching the legalities and logistics of recreational cannabis with plans to construct a retail pot-shop in Washington within the next year. He says he will name his cannabusiness after his great-grandfather, Dieogo Pellicer, who in the 19th century was one of the world’s largest producers of hemp. “He was supplying hemp rope made from the marijuana tree to the Spanish armada during the Spanish-American War,” Shively said. “So I’ve got marijuana in my blood, so to speak.”

Shively claims his cannabis will be for the true cannabis connoisseur, and the price will be reflected appropriately. In other words, dude’s going to be cultivating some high dollar chronic. Here is what Jamen had to say in reference to his boutique bud: “By creating the category of premium marijuana, we want to position it similar to a fine cognac, a fine brandy, a fine cigar,” Shively said. “Something to be savored and enjoyed in small quantities by responsible adults.”

The state of Washington estimates it will make about $2 billion over the next five years on marijuana taxes alone. Jamen shares his thoughts on the eventual legalization of cannabis on a national level: “The buzz is in the air,” Shively said. “This is a new industry in the making, and it’s going to be a giant industry and the state of Washington is going to lead the way. What Kentucky became for bourbon, the state of Washington is becoming for marijuana. It’s going to be a huge boost to the economy.”

Boutique weed is overrated, folks. I know the people with med cards know it to be true and anyone who has ever cultivated their own crop knows it doesn’t take an enormous amount of funds to grow the diggity dank. So why in the hell do people feel the need to overcharge for dried vegetable matter? Greed, plain and simple. Legalize it on a national and global level and the price will diminish to a comparable rate for any potency of cannabis.

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  • doug

    i'm sorry you're wrong my friend just like any other product the cream will rise to the top and demand more for its excellence. Just look at coffee, alcohol, tobacco and other consumables. most consumers aren't going to grow their own if they're to busy with their own lives, they'll just go down to their local starbucks and order a triple "Jah's rising sun".