A Free Cannabis Giveaway on Capitol Hill Is Going Down on 4/20


Monday, April 24, 2017 High noon to 4:20 p.m.

WASHINGTON, D.C.–DCMJ, the organization that spearheaded Initiative 71, which legalized cannabis in the District of Columbia, will lead a #Reschedule420 Smoke-In at the Capitol on Monday, April 24thThe demonstration, which is scheduled to take place four days after DCMJ’s 1st Annual Congressional #JointSession—a free cannabis giveaway—will urge Congress to support Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017 (H.R. 1227), which would put an end to the federal prohibition of cannabis and enable states to decide their own path regarding cannabis policy. DCMJ will also call on Congress to uphold the Rohrabacher–Farr amendment, which prohibits the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency from using funds to step in or interfere with state medical cannabis laws. The demonstration will place a much-needed spotlight on the Congressional inaction and ‘delay’ in addressing our nation’s ineffective drug policies. Additionally, DCMJ will call on Speaker Ryan and Congress to remove the DC budget rider that prevents the DC government from sensibly regulating adult-use stores and cafes.


#Reschedule420 Smoke-In on Capitol Steps (House Side)


Adam Eidinger, co-founder of DCMJ

Nikolas Schiller, co-founder of DCMJ

Reverend Billy at the Church of Stop Shopping – Benediction

Ras Fia, CEO and founder of Cannabis Alliance Networking Group

DCMJ volunteers and legalization advocates


Monday, April 24, 2017

High noon to 4:20 p.m.


Eastside of Capitol on the House steps side of Capitol, Washington, D.C.

*Note: Media interested in videotaping DCMJ rolling joints for the congressional giveaway 

should send an email to Press@DCMJ.org to schedule an appointment.

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