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This post was written by Zeej, Click here to read more by this author

It is a sad time for hip-hop.  Lil Wayne will serve the first week of his 8 month – one year sentence at Rikers Island prison in New York.  After a few too many bowls and a few too many listens of No Ceilings – who am I kidding, one can never have “a few too many” of either of those things – I was struck by an intense sense of stoner obligation to this modern messiah of music and mary jane – sorry for the alliteration, I get cutesy and shit sometimes. An intense need to break Wayne out of jail washed over my body. Having completely commited myself to the endeavor within a matter of seconds, my brain quickly assembled the ultimate crew to help me free Weezy; myself – being the mastermind of the plan and all, Birdman – for obvious reasons, Drake and Tyga – who are lost without Wayne and beg to tag along until we reluctantly let them tag along and Forrest Whitaker – Ghost Dog…nuff said – would set out on the greatest weed-fueled adventure in history. Dwarfing Meth and Red’s Harvard experience, getting Kenny out of prison and making Harold and Kumar look like high school freshman smoking out of an apple after gym class.

I’m not sure why I feel so obligated to free Wayne. It may have something to do with a subconscious distrust of Wayne left alone without weed, cough syrup and recording equipment. I half expect his cell to resemble Russell Crow’s work space in A Beautiful Mind; nonsensical scribbles consuming the walls with Wayne hanging from the center of the room by a bed sheet: the last escape for a brilliant artist stuck in his own mind. (sorry, I get depressing and shit sometimes.) It may also have something to do with my selfish need for a consistent flow of new Wayne music, something that we’ve all become accustomed to in the past couple years. Or it may just be the lore of Rikers Island, and the instant flashback to countless Law & Order episodes ending in the rapist/killer/thief/general dirtbag getting sent to Rikers; Can you imagine the amount of bars Wayne will come up with mentioning Rikers? The possibilities are endless.

But the real reason I think Wayne’s imprisonment bothers me so much is becaue of how comfortable his presence has made smoking weed recently. As such a widely accepted mainstream figure in the past year or so, and such a widely known weed smoker, he has reduced the stigma with which weed is held in the public and has provided a “fuck it, I will do what I like” mindset and lifestyle that perpetuates that of the modern stoner.
I may be severly overstating one rappers influence on the societal norms of marijuana use, but I don’t think so. At least for me personally, Wayne represents all that is good with humanity. He lives life on his own terms, in every facet. He makes whatever type of music he wants, from some of the best hip-hop of the past decade to his new forays into rock and whatever else will come of his only beginning career. In his personal life he uses what he wants, when he wants – don’t believe me, youtube his interview with Katie Couric or wath The Carter documentary – and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else says or does.
He is the epitome of a free spirit and it’s a shame that he has to go away. But then again, hearing that Wayne will be equipt with a TV, DVD player and basic network broadcasting has made me a little less sympathetic for his cause. I had imagined his prison time to look more like Shine’s than Martha Stewarts.
So my dreams of breaking him free quickly faded – Forrest never called me back anyways – and I will instead look forward to the multitudes of music I’m sure he prerecorded in time for his bid, smoke weed like I know Wayne would want – with complete disregard for any and all opposing forces – and pray that someone in that jail has enough compassion to give him at least some sort of recording tool. But until then; FREE WEEZY.

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Author: Zeej

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