Friends in the Field:  Pete Marrero – PVM Entertainment / Weed World Candies

Pete, Me, and Ricardo Baca of the Cannabist
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Pete, Me, and Ricardo Baca of the Cannabist

I first moved to California in 2012. I was super excited to be on the West Coast and I didn’t know what to expect or what types of people I would meet. I knew I would meet a lot of interesting individuals in the cannabis industry and that was the reason why decided to come here. The first major cannabis business event I went to was the NORML conference in downtown LA in that same year.
I met several people at the NORML conference that year who were quite influential in the cannabis industry. One of the main people I ran into was Pete Marrero of PVM entertainment.  Here was a Short, Mexican, fast talking dude from Texas.  He claimed to put on a lot of cannabis related events in Texas with celebrities. When he went down the line of some of the celebrities that he worked with, I was skeptical. I ran into a lot of bullshitters in LA my first few months here who claim to know this celebrity or that celebrity.


Over the next several years I watched and sponsored several cannabis related events that Pete organized.  He consistently allowed me to get my logo on historic events that were going down in Texas, while I used HMJ as an outlet to help promote events that he did an interviews that he conducted with people like Cypress Hill, DL Hughley and The Wailers.


In late 2014, he visited California again and we met up for dinner while he was in town. I mentioned to him about wanting to go to SXSW that I was making plans to go.  I didn’t anticipate that he would offer to provide me with sponsorship and resources to be able to go. That was not my intention but he offered it when I told him why I wanted to go there.


In 2015 and 2016, PVM entertainment sponsored the HMJ team to go to SXSW.  You can catch and bunch of the highlights of the first year here. He invited
us to his house before I left Texas.  His lovely wife provided us with a fully cannabis infused meal before our flight home.



I did a big disservice to him and to you guys because I never put out the EPIC content we got from this year’s SXSW but I am digging up those lost tapes. Will be out soon!

Tomorrow is Pete’s bday so he will be celebrating it here in LA. You can bet I will be there.

Pete is a family man, a businessman and he is truly a legend in the music and cannabis industries.  If you ever run across him, offer him a drink and a smoke and let him know that Lenny sent you.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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