G-KAP™: Share Without a Care

One of the biggest interactions between people in the cannabis community is sharing a smoke. But, how do you address the concerns of spreading germs? G-KAP™ has developed a product to take care of those concerns.

Sharing inhaled materials among various people increases the risk of microbial transference and spreading other common germs. These germs can stay on surfaces such as glass for up weeks, only needing a single touch to transfer. G-KAP™ is the simple way to help cut down on the microbial transfer between participants.

The product, which is a smoking pipe accessory, was created by a group of friends with one unified premise in mind: “Protect yourself and others.” They envisioned and created a product that would enhance, benefit and assist smoking devices in the reduction of common everyday germs without the use of household solvents or other sterilization methods. By using G-KAP’s bong cap and pipe cap, you are proactively reducing everyday germs; whether you decide to smoke by yourself or with others.

G-KAP™ fits on almost all smoking devices. By placing the G-KAP™ over the mouthpiece of your device, you are stopping the spread of germs without doing anything else. The key to the product is the concentration of the IONPURE™ antibacterial additive. IONPURE™ is a structurally altered glass that has very high antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It utilizes silver ions, which attack the microbes and prevent future spreading of bacteria when and if it starts to build. The bacteria then can not multiply, therefore it dies off.

G-KAP™ recommends alternating a new one every 60-90 days to ensure full antimicrobial properties are working correctly. Below is a short video that explains the process of how the IONPURE™ works.


While trying out the G-KAP™, I wanted to see which of my smoking devices they would actually fit on. Of course it fit on my traditional tubes as well as my traditional hand pipes. But, with all of the amazing functional glass art that is being created these days, I wanted to see if it would work on those pieces as well. To my surprise, it fit almost on all of my smoking devices.  Not only did it fit, but it allowed the piece to function flawlessly as if the G-KAP™ were not there at all.


I did not do my own antimicrobial test, but from the information given by G-KAP™ and its developers, I am sure that this product helps to cut down the germs sitting on pieces, as well as cut down the germs passed between fellow smokers. G-KAP™ has developed a product to keep all of us a little healthier while partaking in our group activities. By keeping the bacteria production down, it helps stop the spread of anything from a cold to mold. It is definitely a product for any household or event where devices will be used by multiple people, such as the High Times Cannabis Cup or The Chalice Festival, both of which are just a couple of events that the Hail Mary Jane (HMJ) team attends. Keep an eye out for HMJ articles that cover events as well.


Be sure to check back regularly for more product reviews by HMJ. If you have any questions about any products I have reviewed, please feel free to comment and I will help as best I can!

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Author: Jason

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