Gabrielle Union gave Dwayne Wade a nice going away gift

USA Olympic Basketball player Dwayne Wade has been separated from his wife since at least September or last year and since then he has been rumored to have been with a few different females. One of which was Star Jones?!?!? That’s not the pussy you made it to the NBA to get.

The YBF reported yesterday that Dwayne Wade was a seen kickin it with the lovely Gabrielle Union…. Now thats more like it:

Sources say [Wade and Union] were all over each other at a Jet nightclub in Vegas this past weekend. Dwyane was there for the pre-Olympic basketball festivities and Gabby was there doing her usual. Partying. The two were in their own world while dancing and grinding in the club. And seeing that we can all be pretty sure at this point that Dwyane’s wife Siovaughn, who has moved back to their hometown of Chicago, now has the “ex” title. And I don’t know why these two are still hiding this “relationship” that’s been going on for over a year now. I’m told pretty much everyone around them knows what up. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Gabby was the one not ready to settle down again. Y’all know she loves the athletes and likes to have her pick of the litter.

Gabby Union is rumored to be into athletes, besides being linked with Dwayne Wade she has also dated Jason Kidd and Derek Jeter.

As long a Dwayne realizes he’s a star and can get better women than Star Jones. You don’t even have to be a star to get better women. Maybe he has low self confidence or something but getting with Gabby Union should help that some.

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Author: Lenny

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