Gaming Is More Dangerous Than Smokin’ Pot

Well now I know to never mess with gamers from China. The above x-ray is that of a gamer who was accused of cheating during a game of “Counter Strike” at an internet cafe. When this 17-year gamer was found to be cheating by using a “Wallhack” to see opponents through walls, other gamers took upon themselves to deal with the situation, by jamming an 11 inch knife into the kids head. Doctors said that the knife was only stopped by the other side of the his skull.

The amazing thing is that the kid survived, doctors spent 10 hours removing the blade. Somehow the blade, having gone through the brain, missed any and all major blood vessels. In fact the 17-year old was conscience and talking during the ambulance ride. This is a horrific example of gamers taking things way too far. What I want to know is who the hell brings an 11 inch knife to an internet cafe? Do you really need to bring a knife with you to go game?

To read more about this crazy incident check out The Kartel

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