#Ganjagrams Vol. 1

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So if you haven’t guessed already. I am REALLY loving instagram. The whole HMJ team is really grinding on all social networks but this happens to be my personal fav right now. If you need to know why then look no further than this post. Look for a part 2 coming soon.

If you aren’t like me and just love looking at pics of hotties smoking all day but you want to see more pics of various cool stoner shit, this new feature is for you. We will be including pics on instagram that have been tagged with #HMJ so if you haven’t started then make sure you are tagging on there to see yourself on HMJ. Android users never fear. Your app is coming as well.


This guy has the most awesome pics of weed with toys I may have ever seen. As far as I am concerned he is a MUST follow on instagram.

[imagebrowser id=34]


Here a very cute female instagrammer who has been showing HMJ so much love she is practically stalking us. Somehow, I don’t mind though.

[imagebrowser id=33]


Southern Belle. My favorite kinda belle. I’d smoke with her anyway and share strawberries.

[imagebrowser id=37]

#Ganjagrams is a new weekly post where we will feature the coolest pics from all of our new friends on instagram and make sure you are following us on there. In order to see your pic on HMJ you have tag us with #HMJ and it also helps if you give us an (@) shout so we know you put it up. Only the best pics will be selected so keep tagging!


Cute, badass stoner who will kik you. Calm down, it’s just an iPhone app. She’s also from Cali. Points gained.

[imagebrowser id=38]


Either Sammy didn’t only added one #HMJ pic or I was just too lazy to digg through and find more. She has several other great stoner pics but this post ONLY will include pics tagged with #HMJ. In case she reads this, I had to make an example out of someone but keep tagging homegirl and we will get you in here again.

Either way, her 420 tat is one of the best tats I’ve ever seen. Props!

[imagebrowser id=39]


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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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