#Ganjagrams Vol. II

Here we are with another dope edition of Ganjagrams. After the strong reception to the first one last week we are going to keep banging these out every week so make sure that if you are on instagram that you are tagging your photos with #HMJ so you have a shot to get included. Android users, instagram is now available for you as well (sort of).  Anyway make sure you are following all of these dope stoners on instagram.  Enjoy!


Just in case you were wondering if I am biased towards beautiful women smoking in Ganjagrams, check out @erinmz and that should tell you the answer to that question. Thanks for all the #HMJ love. Here and her girl @gilesssss are already instagram legends.  Happy bday G!

[imagebrowser id=40]


@LemonSpliffs is one of the dopiest stoners I’ve met on instagram. She is now my assistant and not only is she is going to be significant in taking HMJ to the next level but she smokes some of the fluffiest weed in NYC. Make sure you follow her!

[imagebrowser id=42]


Merritt is a really cool stoner from VA who just started a new job as a glass blower and also promised that he would be writing for HMJ. One day he will get started, I hope. Damn stoners. LoL. Follow him on twitteras well either way.

[imagebrowser id=41]


@christyshelovesit is a stoner who immediately showed HMJ love and now she has SO many dope #HMJ tagged photos there was no way I could ignore her, but why would I want to?

[imagebrowser id=43]


@potheadprincess is an American girl studying in Amsterdam doing what ANY American would spend most of their time in Amsterdam doing? No NOT hitting up the red light district (that’s the second stop after the coffee shops though). Follow her, she’s got an absurd amount of bud shots. She didn’t actually tag all of these shots with #HMJ, just one but I will give her the benefit of the doubt ONLY because she is awesome.

[imagebrowser id=44]

#Ganjagrams is a new weekly post where we will feature the coolest pics from all of our new friends on instagram and make sure you are following us on there. In order to see your pic on HMJ you have tag us with #HMJ and it also helps if you give us an (@) shout so we know you put it up. Only the best pics will be selected so keep tagging!

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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