#Ganjagrams Vol. III

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Here we go with another volume of #Ganjagrams. Just when you thought we were done we come back harder than ever. Instagram has gone through a few crazy changes in the time since the last time one of these was posted. First they opened everything up to android users and then they were bought out by Facebook for a cool billion. It’s been a good week for instagram as a company but we will see how these changes affect the user experience. Hopefully it only improves things.

Since I didn’t get this out last week I brought you double the instagramers than what I usually include in these. I will also get this out on the day I originally planned, Saturday, this week. Look forward to this post coming out on Saturdays from now on. Shouts to the IGers who loyally continue to tag their posts with #HMJ. If you have joined you should definitely be following us on there.


Shouts to the homey Brent from @40ounces. He is on twitter and is a pretty dope graphic designer from what I hear. Holla at him if you are in need.

[imagebrowser id=45]


@christyshelovesit has been on here before but her and Brent show that if you show HMJ love in your pics you will definitely get put on the site. Plus she is hella sexy. Make sure you are following her.

[imagebrowser id=43]


@californiagrown has the best lips on instagram. Period. I have a huge crush on her right now. She makes me want to smoke some cali bud… with her, among other things.

[imagebrowser id=46]


Shouts to @knottygirl420 for being patient with me for getting her on the site and having awesome dreads. She is hella cute and is hot enough to be on suicide girls. Follow her.

[imagebrowser id=54]


@Gigitree420 is an awesome Cali girl who is not addicted, she is committed. She claims someone stole her heart though, call the cops! Mary Jane has mine.

[imagebrowser id=47]


Another cali girl that showed loyalty to the HMJ instagram and movement from day one. Awesome pics!

[imagebrowser id=48]


What flight are you on? I don’t know but I know all I see outside of the window is purple clouds and cars on the ground that look like fun size candy bars.

What was I talking about again? Follow this guy.

[imagebrowser id=52]


Dirt bikin, workin out, weed smoke. No more needs to be said.

[imagebrowser id=53]


Reps the green team. ‘Nuff said.

[imagebrowser id=55]


@mslarson_420 has been on HMJ before. She’s back. If it wasn’t for her I may have quit instagram by now but then I wouldn’t be able to see her pics. **Double tap**

[imagebrowser id=56]

#Ganjagrams is a new weekly post where we will feature the coolest pics from all of our new friends on instagram and make sure you are following us on there. In order to see your pic on HMJ you have tag us with #HMJ and it also helps if you give us an (@) shout so we know you put it up. Only the best pics will be selected so keep tagging!

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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