Gary Johnson On Cannabis Prohibition

Here’s an excerpt from a column by Presidential candidate Gary Johnson:


I strongly believe the tide is turning on this issue [cannabis prohibition], and it’s because of education and thoughtful discussion. The more we learn about marijuana and our federal government’s futile and ill-advised attempt to prohibit it, the more the solution becomes clear. America will be better-off when marijuana is managed like alcohol and tobacco. Our border with Mexico will be safer, and addiction will at last be treated as the health concern it is, rather than as a criminal justice issue.

It’s truly unfortunate that President Obama doesn’t see what’s coming. Not only does he refuse to acknowledge the support this issue is gaining, more shockingly, he has blatantly gone back on his promise to allow states to administer their own marijuana laws. The Obama administration has shut down hundreds of state-legal medical marijuana dispensaries and is currently threatening to shut down many more.

It’s odd: when it comes to marriage rights, President Obama is quick to cede the federal government’s power to the states. But when it comes to states deciding for themselves how best to tackle the marijuana issue, Obama steps right in and insists that the federal government knows best.

I am confident American voters this November will send a signal that the time is long past that we stop putting people behind bars and forever labeling them as criminals for behavior that is personal, private, and no more “criminal” than drinking alcohol or taking legal pain medicine.

When that signal is sent, perhaps we can put an end to modern-day Prohibition, just as we did nearly 80 years ago.
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You might enjoy the full column, which is HERE.


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