Geezers On Ganja

A medical marijuana collective is causing an uproar in the surrounding area…


… because it serves the 18,000 senior citizens – average age, 78 – living in one of the largest retirement communities in the United States. Do we have your attention now?

The all-organic supply is distributed to members on a sliding scale, from $35 an ounce to about $200 an ounce based on ability to pay and need. Many members also grow their legal limit on private patios or in space-age looking indoor tents designed to coddle the growing weed.


This isn’t just a way for the residents of Laguna Woods Village to spend idle southern California evenings in the rocking chair with an illegal smile and some Sir Duke playing. Many of the oldster tokers are suffering from multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, and the wracking full-body illness you accept when you choose chemo therapy over cancer. Pot, it has been decisively proven, helps.

Let’s not forget that getting and being old just plain sucks sometimes. Your body betrays you: stiffness and aches become immobility, your senses of sight and taste erode, robbing you of the beauty of the world and the joy of eating the food you used to love. Those are some grim prospects to face, and fuck that: anyone who lived through WWII, Korea and long enough to even join a retirement community deserves a blunt in their golden years. Can I get an “Amen”?!

And of course some people don’t like it:

“We’ve got people who don’t like it here, they don’t like marijuana and they still have that ‘communism’ and ‘perversion’ and ‘killer weed’ attitude.” – Lonnie Painter, the collective’s president.

But he and others who are similarly enlightened (and lifted, probably) have grown seven foot high plants in their community’s garden [swiftly busted by the community board], rented a greenhouse after that, then lost their entire crop due to a grow light SNAFU, lost another several thousand dollars worth of plants when the greenhouse they hired for their next batch was raided, and now grow more successfully at other off-site greenhouses and in their own homes. Tea and cookies with grandma just got awesome.

The codger collective keeps on keepin’ on, though. We say “Bravo!” And could you please pass that over here, sir?



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Author: Rib

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