Get $10,000 If You Prove Booze Is Safer Then Weed

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In a great marketing move, the Marijuana Policy Project’s Nevada campaign organizers have put up $10,000 to challenge anyone to prove alcohol is safer then marijuana. MPP put out three statements that you need to prove wrong through government statistics or peer reviewed research to get your hands on the cash.

“1. Alcohol is significantly more toxic than marijuana, making death by overdose far more likely with alcohol.

2. The health effects from long-term alcohol consumption cause tens of thousands of more deaths in the U.S. annually than the health effects from the long-term consumption of marijuana.

3. Violent crime committed by individuals intoxicated by alcohol is far more prevalent in the U.S. than violent crime committed by individuals intoxicated by marijuana only.”

Chances are they are not going to have to pay out the cash and they are well aware of it,

“We are confident that we won’t need to pay out this $10,000,” said MPP-NV manager Dave Schwartz. “Marijuana is objectively and unquestionably less harmful than alcohol, as these three well-documented statements show. Alcohol is more toxic than marijuana, more likely to be lethal — either by overdose or chronic use — and more likely to contribute to violence. For good measure, alcohol is also more addictive than marijuana. As we consider whether to reform our marijuana laws, it is important that the people of Nevada understand these facts.”

These people aren’t gassed up, they’re just plane old right. In 2003, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, 20,687 people died in some way attributed to booze. This includes drunk driving, violence, and overdoses, but still an amazing number to think about when considering we are talking about a legal regulated substance.  The anti-weed zealots don’t want to get into this argument because the reality of the situation is nobody has ever overdosed on marijuana. I look forward to seeing someone attempt to debunk this.

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Author: Redankulous

An improper Bostonian with a journalism degree and love of pure sativas.

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