Get your booooots on kids…. It’s Million Man Marijuana March time!

Independence Day. July 4th. It’s a day of celebration. It’s the day we celebrate our separation from Great Britain to become the great country we live in now. Basically, we wanted to do shit our own way, so we fought for what we believed we had the natural right to do. This July 4th, 2010, we are back at it. We aren’t fighting with hands or guns, but with our knowledge and the most bad ass weapon we all have with us every day, our words. This July 4th is going to be the Hemp Can Save The Planet March on DC & 40th Smoke-In!, in Washington DC. The Hemp Can Save The Planet March in DC & 40th Smoke-In is organized by the Coalition for American Progress. The Coalition for American Progress is not just a medical marijuana rights non-profit organization, but an organization for all of our basic human rights. They fight for all of our basic human rights at the same time as 1 issue, because it is the same fight in the end.

This is an extremely important day for our rights, so everyone who can make it to DC on July 4th, should be in DC on July 4th. This march on DC will not only talk about the benefits of marijuana as a natural medicine, but also the other many uses of it for things such as building materials, fabrics, paper, and paints, but also for being an annually renewable natural resource that will help reduce pollution, rebuild soil and help our economy grow and become stable.

This day long event will start at noon at Lafayette Square, on the north side of the White House, and last until 3 pm; Chief Greenbud will be playing this stage, before departing Lafayette Square to march down 17th St., along Constitution Ave. and then to 23rd St. to the National Mall to hear the rest of the speakers and the remaining bands from 4 pm – 9 pm at the 41st Annual Smoke-in Stage. During these times there will be feature speakers such as Phill Grimes, the Director and Founder of the Coalition for American Progress, HMJ’s own main homie Lenny G., Mike Malta from, long time activists Richard Rawlings and Aron Kay, along with many other speakers. The rest of the HMJ crew will be in attendance as well.

To finish the day off, starting at 9 pm, there will be a fireworks show provided by the city of Washington DC and an after party at Chief Ikes Mambo Room (only $10 cover) and you’ll be able to see Northern Lights, Chief Greenbud and Prospect Hill playing.

One last thing, seeing as how the Coalition for American Progress is a non-profit organization, let’s do our part to support a cause we all agree on. Go to their website, and make a donation for this event. It doesn’t have to be your whole paycheck but any amount helps……. And cop a t-shirt while you’re at it.

Here is a map of the march route for those who wanted to know.

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