Gilbert Arenas could be headed back to Golden State

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Is this a good look for Gilbert Arenas? You may have to get used to it again. After news dropped of Baron Davis opting out of his contract agent 0’s former team the Golden State Warriors decided to try and nab Arenas while they have the opportunity.

Then, according to my sources, the Warriors quickly burned the phones and offered former Warrior Gilbert Arenas a maximum-level contract, one that would pay him more than $100 million over five years. My source told me that Gilbert received a flurry of phone calls from the Warriors in the first 30 minutes of free agency.


According to a source close to Arenas, the three-time all star is mulling the offers but is leaning towards staying with the Wizards and is willing to take less than the maximum if it will help Grunfeld make other moves he needs to make this summer.

So lets say they are able to acquire Arenas, even though he said that would resign with the Wizards if they resigned Antawn Jamison (which they did), where would that leave the Warriors. That would probably make Arenas the 2 guard and they would run Monta Ellis at the point guard position, which really isn’t his natural position but it could work.

Honestly I like this deal for the Warriors, I think Gilbert’s clutch shooting and ability to push the ball up the floor will work well with their system. They will be fun to watch but they probably still wouldn’t make the playoffs in the West.

[Sporting News]

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