Global Marijuana March 2012 (Videos and Pictures)

Global Marijuana March
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Last weekend, the Global Marijuana March took place in over 200 cities around the world and thousands of pro-marijuana activists gathered to protest prohibition of marijuana. You may have been sitting there like, “I’m not gonna go, I’ll hit this bong instead,” or if you don’t smoke you probably thought stoners would be too lazy to come out but these videos prove otherwise. People gathered even in other countries. This happens every first Saturday of May annually so use this as a opportunity to prepare yourself for next year.

The primary message of the march is that it is important for our society to change the marijuana laws and allow access to patients and casual users alike. The federal Government seems to have no intention on doing that anytime soon but we will not stop until we get there.

The biggest highlight was probably Redman showing up in Union Square, NYC to perform for the march participants as well as anyone who happened to be walking by. Here are more visuals from the weekend.

New York City


Dr. Sunil Aggarwal Speaks

David Peel And KV

Hon. Geo Martinez & Global Block

[imagebrowser id=64]

Photos via Gothamist, check out their site for more pics and coverage.


[imagebrowser id=68]

Photos via Big Buds University, check the link for more pics.




[imagebrowser id=65]

Photos via this chick on Facebook, check the link for more pics.


Photos via Big Buds University, check the link for more pics.

[imagebrowser id=66]

More Cities on page 2 —>

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