God Made Weed, Man Made Beer…Who Do You Trust?

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Now I won’t lie: occasionally good ol Ron Bacardi will lure me in with a delicious glass of Caribou Lou (shout out to Tech N9ne), but this just goes to show you why weed will always be better. Researchers with the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association said that despite all the recent studies supporting the health benefits of alcohol, there are still more health risks associated with drinking than its worth. As of late many studies have shown that a drink a day, usually wine, will prevent the onset of some cancers, dementia, and heart problems. However, evidence collected by the ACS and AHA have shown that alcohol can cause far more cancers than it can prevent, as well as liver disease and of course, being a drunken idiot.

So why is marijuana better than alcohol? Marijuana has actually been proven to hinder the development of cancer, alleviate the effects of AIDS, arthritis, glaucoma….oh and you don’t wind up looking like the reject Santa Claus lookalike trying to be Nixon pictured above. Now, if all of this isn’t reason enough, I honestly don’t know what is.

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