Goose Gossage isn’t feelin Joba’s celebrations

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Goose Gossage, the recent Hall of fame inductee and former Yankee, is with Joba Chamberlain’s excessive celebrations when he gets strike outs and such.This whole thing became an issue last week when David Dellucci expressed his anger towards Joba for the celebrating. He had just hit a home run off of Chamberlain the night before so when Joba struck him out, he got excited and starting pumping his fist and yelling.

Now Dellucci isn’t the only one who saying that he’s not feeling the celebrating. Gossage came out and said that hes not with it either:

“There’s no place for it in the game,” Gossage told reporters Monday during a tour of the Hall of Fame, according to “I will stand by that and I love Joba Chamberlain. I’m with him down in spring training. He’s a great kid, but no one is passing the torch today. Nobody talks to them. When I broke into the big leagues, I didn’t say two words all year.”

“I’m old school, I’m sorry,” Gossage told reporters, according to “I didn’t see [Dellucci] celebrating when he hit the home run.”

“That’s just not the Yankee way, what Joba did. Let everyone else do that stuff, but not a Yankee,” Gossage told The Record on Saturday. “What I don’t understand is, the kid’s got the greatest mentor in the world in Mariano [Rivera]. He’s one of the leaders of the team, so you’d think it wouldn’t happen on that team.

“But there’s no one to pass the torch anymore, no one to teach the young kids how to act. The Mets did a lot of that [celebrating] last year, and look how it came back to haunt them.”

“I’m trying to think of what would’ve happened if I did what Joba did, especially if I was a rookie,” he told The Record. “The veterans would’ve sat me down so fast, it would’ve never happened a second time. Truthfully, there would’ve never been a first time.”

Gossage not only managed to piss off Chamberlain but he probably pissed off some Mets in the process.

The Yankees manager Joe Girardi doesn’t seem to have an issue with the celebrating.

“That’s who he is. He’s not showing anyone up. He’s going to show emotion,” Girardi said last Thursday. “He didn’t look at Dellucci. He looked into our dugout.”

“It is what it is. If he wants to yell and scream after a strikeout, I guess that’s what gets him going,” he said. “It’s May baseball. The home run was in a much bigger situation. I didn’t dance and scream. “

Thats all the Chamberlain should worry about. Nobody says anything when Jose Valverde goes crazy after strikeouts so they shouldn’t be concerned about him and if they are that concerned, then don’t strike out.

[Image via NY Daily News]

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