Government Losses 1700 Pounds of Dank

During a “controlled drug delivery” for the federal government, 1700 lbs of marijuana was lost, presumably to some stupid potheads that somehow stumbled upon 1700 lbs of the governments weed.  Wanna find out the details?  I know I would.  You know what to do.

Here’s what happened.  According to a Memphis Police Department travel memo, federal officials intercepted a tractor trailer carrying the stash.  The police said it should be delivered to Louisville while officials followed.  Makes sense-that’s a lot of pot.  Officials followed it until it arrived at its intended location in Louisville.  After it arrived,  a number of vehicles pulled up and then left.  They came back, stayed for a few hours and then left again.  When the officials checked the tractor trailer later, everything was gone.  Whoops!

When the vehicles pulled up the first time, maybe the officials should have checked what was going on.  Then, when they showed up again, and stayed for a while, only to leave again, you think this would raise the ire of those federal officials watching the proceedings, or at least lead them to investigate what was going on.  You know, because it’s their fuckin’ job.  Let me clue them in, so they have some idea what happened.  Some people showed up in vehicles, loaded the pot on them, then left.  Emboldened by the ease with which they did this, they showed up again, and took their time getting everything.  Then they left again.  It doesn’t take Philip Marlowe to understand this.  Via.

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Author: Tyrel

Annoyed about writing my biographical information. but here you are.

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