Governor Signs Standards, Protections for Medical Cannabis Manufacturers

Good news came out of California last week when I got this email press release from the governor’s office. Props to their PR team for knowing to send this to us when it’s good news.

Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2679, which will establish key standards for medical cannabis manufacturers, help implement the landmark Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA), and end misguided raids on manufacturers.

“Last year, California took a historic step by regulating medical cannabis to protect patients, businesses, our communities, and the environment. But across the state, locally authorized medical cannabis manufacturers continue to be targeted by municipal law enforcement. As we await full implementation of medical cannabis regulations, manufacturers cannot continue to operate in a legal grey area,” explained Bonta. “Under AB 2679, local governments will be given guidance and manufacturers will be protected in preparation for state licenses in 2018.”

AB 2679 requires medical cannabis manufacturers to abide by strict standards designed to ensure the safety of the manufacturing process by requiring local approval and inspection, independent certification, and the utilization of a self-contained system.

“AB 2679 brings needed clarity to local governments about the type of manufacturing of medical cannabis that is allowed during this interim period before the MCRSA is fully implemented,” said joint author, Assemblymember Ken Cooley (D-Rancho Cordova). “I am proud to move this issue forward and continue the ongoing medical cannabis regulation conversation.”

“We and our patients are deeply grateful to our leadership in the California legislature for passing this important bill and to the Governor for making it law. The clarity this law provides will ensure that people who rely on medicinal cannabis can feel more secure about the continued supply of the quality medicine they have come to depend on. We were proud to stand with a broad coalition—like the California Police Chiefs Association—to support this legislation.” Nick Caston, Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy for CBD Guild.

“With voters set to consider adult use of cannabis at the ballot box this November, it is critical that we clarify the role of manufacturers now. By acting today, California ensures manufacturers can continue to provide patients the medicine they need,” concluded Bonta.

Our friends over at the LA Cannabis Task Force who have been outspoken in their recent efforts had a quick response to this:

The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force issued the following statement on Governor Jerry Brown’s veto of AB 2385. Sponsored by Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Sr., the legislation would have carved out an exemption for a limited number of commercial cannabis applicants and allowed them to operate without a local license, if they met requirements specified by the City of Los Angeles’ Measure D and the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.

In his veto message, the Governor said, “This bill is inconsistent with the dual licensing requirement established last year by the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.”

“Governor Brown’s veto gives LA’s cannabis industry a tremendous opportunity to come together and find a solution that’s fair and inclusive,” said Ariel Clark, Chair of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force. “Thank you Governor Brown, for ensuring we have the chance to fix Proposition D so that new business and entrepreneurs can thrive in LA.”

The Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force was the only organization to publicly oppose the bill.

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