GPS: Get Pot Smokers?

Right now in Murietta, CA there’s a case of “he said they spied” going on and medical marijuana is right in the middle of it.  Kevin Ford was driving his Honda Civic when he said he got pulled over for a bogus turn signal violation after leaving the Greenhouse Cannabis Club where he volunteers. For whatever reason, the car wound up being impounded. Upon retrieving his car, guess what he found stuck to the undercarriage? You guessed it, a GPS tracking device!

Medical Pot Users Say Murietta Police Are Spying On Them:

I sure what many of the non-California residents are thinking.  “You Californians and your weed!  You are fortunate enough to have medical marijuana available in the first place!” You’re right…and wrong. Murietta is located in conservative Riverside County along the I-15 corridor south of the greater Los Angeles area and has, for months been trying to push out and shut down its only collective, yep you guessed it, The Greenhouse Cannabis Club. If you are familiar with the area you know it’s no secret that Murietta and it’s police department don’t want anything to do with marijuana, legal, medical or not. It was only last month the collective and the owners’ home were raided by The DEA with the help of Murietta police. Since Greenhouse Cannabis Club opened, the city sought an emergency court order to shut it down. After an initial denial, Judge John Vineyard signed a court order in mid-February that prevented the club from dispensing marijuana to “more than two people.”

Owner, EricMcNeil’s attorney, interpreted that to mean that the cannabis club can dispense to any card-holder, provided each client is seen individually. In 2005, Murrieta adopted an ordinance that banned marijuana-related businesses and declared them nuisance businesses. That ordinance has since been revoked. The city is now operating under a temporary moratorium that prohibits medical marijuana businesses from opening. Since the raids, the owners, volunteers and patients have been experiencing what they call harassment from police. Ken Carter, the building owner, said they are not only getting threatened and harassed but fined for not forcing the tenant out.  So far it totals around $109,000. This brings us to back to Kevin Ford’s unexplained GPS unit on his car. A Fox 11 news correspondent tried speaking with police officials and got nowhere because “it’s under investigation”. They learned Murietta police are actively searching out patients and pulling them over. When asked directly about Kevin Ford’s accusation about the GPS unit, they replied they were doing nothing wrong and that they want it back. Can I get a WTF?!

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