Grandma On Ganja?

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Image via link.

Alright Greenies, this story is coming to us out of Soap Lake, Washington. Last Friday Washington added the latest Medical Marijuana law, and according to Joyce Dorris (not in picture above) proves it can be a bit confusing. Now you would think a law that applies to stoners would be a bit simpler, wouldn’t ya? But anyways, Joyce, 55 and a grandmother of three, believed she was following all of the rules and guidelines until the man shut her garden down. She was charged with possession of marijuana, with intent to sell. The whole reason she was shut down was because her only client, a man with a chronic condition, was caught in a sting trying to sell the medication she provided him with. She is scheduled to go on trial this August. Make sure to show your support. You can find the full article here.

“I’ve never been arrested in my life.  I’ve had a cleaned record and now somebody who was a friend is making me a criminal,” says Dorris.

“Health wise it’s just tearing us both down and I don’t know how to control it, I don’t know how to seek help,” says Joyce.

Its a real shame to see a good, honest person go down yet again thanks to the system. My regards go to her and her family, and hopefully this helps prove we are patients, not criminals. Stay up Joyce.

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Author: Brennan

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