Greenies Like Brewfests Too!

When you think of HMJ, you may not think beer, and then we realized our Greenies like brewfests too! Actually, I think Greenies would like anything with “fest” on the end of it!

Last weekend of July, Portland sponsored the 24th Annual Oregon Brewer’s Festival at Tom McCall Waterfront Park and I was there to cover the festivities for HMJ. Portland had a lot going on the same weekend and in fairly close proximity from each other including: the 1st Annual Big Float on the Willamette River, an OS Con across the river, the weekly Portland Saturday Market downtown and the Oregon Brewfest…whew!

A great tasting brew is nice to go with a lil green and the brewfest was the place to find your favorite beer. The OBF is Portland’s equivalent to Oktoberfest in Germany! There were over 85 brew masters and breweries representing at the OBF this year. Before you ask, hell no I didn’t try them all…even in 3 days I couldn’t although the last day I think I tried!


WE paid $6.00 for our mug and $1.00 for each token which gets you samples at any of the brew booths. Crater Lake Soda was there with a really cool root beer on draft garden for the designated drivers. The beers were defined by styles to include amber, Belgian, bock, IPAs, lagers, wheats, stouts for a total of 19 styles of beer. Each beer is unique and different from the other.  How many styles can our Greenies name?  How many have you tasted?  I’m not a fan of really hoppy beers, so I stayed away from most of the IPAs.


We got there Friday and headed right down to get our mugs and soak up some local flavor. I was trying out the TuckNToke pipe which happened to be so discreet; we were blazing with it right in the crowd. Every now and then you’d hear someone comment on how good the trees smelled! By  Sunday we found the sweet smoking spot…under the stage! Met up with one of the sound guys who had the connections! More & more Greenies gathered under the stage to cool off and get lifted! Our Greenies rule!


The entertainment venue was pretty mellow and quite fitting for mulling around drinking beer and hanging out listening to live music on a beautiful day. It was even better laying in a hammock in the shade smoking out with the Greenies! Part of the lineup included: Flowmotion on Friday, Dr. Theopolis Saturday and Black Lodge, World’s Finest and Crow Quill Night Owls closing out the event on Sunday.



My Portland visit was incredible! From munching out on the World famous VooDoo Donuts (and standing in line an hour & a half for said donuts),


to watching the Big Float on the river, to the Pirates on parade, drinking a plethora of beer and meeting and smoking out with the Greenies, it was a hazy good time!

Check out HMJ’s Facebook Page for more photos and videos from the OBF!

As the sign says: “Keep Portland Weird” I don’t think there’s much chance of that changing any time soon!


If you know about any events/activities you think HMJ should cover, let us know about it! Have a product you think our Greenies will like? Email me to get it reviewed!

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Author: Doodette420

Doodette who loves #cannabis! Like meeting other 420 friendly peeps. Outgoing, down to Earth, demented & probably going to hell. Let's smoke a doobie! Twitter: @DoobieDoodette

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