GroSkool 2.0: A Look at Scrogging

Is “scrogging” really a word?  Our plant is putting on some size preparatory to going into flower.  It is at this point we may choose to incorporate the use of a “scrog” into the grow.  “Scrog” means “screen of green,” named for the results the scrog produces.


Bear in mind that any and every idea we see in the videos can, probably will have to be, adapted to your unique, individual grow space. Sizes can scale up and down, but rememeber big pots grow big plants. You may be the first and only person to grow exactly the way you do. So? Is it good? Yes, it is.

Let’s stay with this particular grow for a while.

Same grower, different grow.

Here is a scrog grow in flower. Look through the leaves to the scrog structure.

More exciting plant manipulation in the weeks ahead, then we will send our grow into flower and explore that time of life. There is always something new to discover. Thanks to our video producers. Enjoy your weekend and keep GroSkool in mind for next week.

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Author: DavidB

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