GroSkool 2.0: Container Size / Plant Size

” . . . the size of the container helps to determine the size of the plant and its’ yield . . . if two identical plants are given the same conditions except for container size, the plant in the larger container will produce more . . . both [soil] and hydroponically grown plants produce more when they are grown in the largest containers possible.”  Ed Rosenthal, Marijuana Growers Handbook, page 330.


Not a cannabis grow, but here is a great video teaching the same lesson.

Watch this one for the comparison of container sizes to plant growth. Remember he’s not discussing cannabis.

How many plants will you grow in your space? Container size and plant size become a function of the amount of space in the grow. Mr. Rosenthal (again, page 330) offers the following example of a 12 – 16 square foot garden lit by a 600 or 1000 watt lamp:

One (1) plant in a 50 gallong container; or
Two (2) plants each in a 30 gallon container; or
Four (4) plants each ina 20 gallon container; or
Eight (8) plants each in a ten gallon container; or
Sixteen (16) plants each in a five gallon container.

Now, here’s a type of pot — an AIR POT — that might be new to you.

Here’s Jorge Cervantes using a SMART POT.

Finally, a quick look at styles of fabric pots.

Here’s our wrap-up. What a plant!

Thank you to all the people who posted video’s to YouTube which we pirated for use in this class. GroSkool meets every Saturday morning and we do appreciate you stopping by.

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