GroSkool 2.0: Cutting to Cause Stress



We manipulate our plants to make them more vigorous.  Our manipulations shake up the plants’ hormones — called plant growth substances or regulators.  Let’s start with a bit more on the basics of plant hormones.  This is basic gardening knowledge — nothing specific to cannabis.


And one more, then on to cannabis.


We are moving up to high(er) stress manipulations of our plants. The most basic of these is “topping” the plant. Many don’t think of topping as being a stressful event for the plant. If you feel that way, think, for just a bit, about someone cutting something off your body. Stressed? GroSkool reminds you to do all your manipulation prior to moving the plant into flower. Manipulate while the plant is is veg.

We “top” the mainstem to have 2 tops instead of 1. Each of those tops now branches out.
We “top” these side branches, once they have grown a bit. 2 branches with 2 ends, each = 4 budding sites.
We are up to 4 tops. They grow a bit.
We top these four branches at an appropriate size. We now have eight good strong stems going.
We must fit our plants into our growing space. More growing space allows bigger plants. Our re-legalized future may allow small home gardens. The plants need to be big.

Another, this stuff is important.


One more and we call it a week, yes? Deomonstrate your committment to the grow.

How much time this takes is a function of your plant, the amount of light, the amount of feeding the plant gets. And the hormones. There is a natural rhythm to a helathy living thing. Find that rhythm with your plant and grow big and strong, both of you.

Once you get to your desired number of strong healthy stems — in this example, eight — we want to invogorate the plant with more stress. Our goal is a few very large plants. Very large plants have lots of budding sites. That’s the prize. So, more stress next week. Hope to see you back here, then. Enjoy your weekend.

As ever, thanks to the creators of all the video’s used.

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