GroSkool 2.0: Early / Mid-Flowering Phase

We are 3, moving towards 4 weeks into our flowering cycle.  The emerging white flowers are obvious, and, if we are practicing what we preach we have multiple “tops” on big thick stems created by supercropping.


If our plants are big and vibrantly green we know we are doing an adequate job standing in for Mother Nature. If they look okay, but not stunning, maybe we don’t have the air circulating sufficiently. Poor air movement means less Co2 reaching the leaves and, often a big problem, heat not being ventilated away from the grow space.

Once you have your grow basics mastered, little details, small improvements in your practices, can bring big results. This is a class of practices that does not cost money, but does require paying enough attention to make this a regular part of your time in the grow space. First of these practices is giving your plants a 1/4 turn each day.

In the real world the sun passes east-to-west over the plants growing in the garden. That changing angle of illumination is part of your plants’ expectation of life. Turning your plants changes the angle of the light striking the leaves — just like it’s supposed to be. Watch how quickly your green friends show their appreciation.

Thanks to our video producers for sharing their knowledge. Thanks to you for stopping in to think about cannabis. Hope to see you again next week.

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Author: DavidB

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