GroSkool 2.0: Feeding When Forcing Flowers

This is about as fundamental as it gets.  At different stages in life different diets are appropriate.  “Dinner” to a newborn means something different than to you and me.  Your plants, at different stages in life, need different feedings.  A seedling needs are different than those of a clone; a plant in the first week of veg needs different foods than she will in her seventh week of flowering.  And it all starts with a good soil [unless of course you are growing hydroponically].


If you are using one manufacturer’s commercial fertilizer follow their program and you should walk through any needed changes in feeding as your plant lives out its life. If you are making your own fertilizers — good for you. In both cases, just keep in mind you must learn what your plant needs so you can feed her corectly. In veg think nitrogen; in flower think potassium.

GroSkool hopes you grow organic.

Thanks to our video volunteers. Pass on that knowledge. As Marc Emery says, “Overgrow the government.”

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Author: DavidB

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