GroSkool 2.0: Forcing Flowering

Cannabis is a photoperiod plant.  The number of hours of light and dark the plant experiences determines its’ stage of life.  If grown naturally, outdoors, under the sun, the seed would sprout, daily, the number of hours of sun would lengthen, the plant grows and matures.  Then we pass the summer solstice and the days begin to grow shorter.  Winter is coming.  Our plant knows it has one job left before its’ inevitable end — make some seed.  Flowers appear.

When we grow indoors, under lights, we decide when the summer solstice has arrived by changing the number of hours of light / dark our plants receive. To make your plants flower give them, uninterrupted, at least twelve (12) hours of dark in a 24 hour period. Some growers give as much as thirteen hours in the dark, just so the plant knows it’s time to flower.

There are a few simple rules at this stage. Once the grow space goes dark, leave the space alone. Growing in tents is a great way to help control this. Plants grown outside don’t get confused by passing car headlights, the light from stars and the moon. Plants grown indoors are real sensitive to stray light. That can make a mess of all your hard work to-date. It is your job to organize your grow room maintenance work so as not to go into the dark area.

Up to this point your plants have been receiving about eighteen (18) hours of light a day. Now that we are down to twelve (12) hours the plants hormones will respond. We find ourselves, again, reminded of the crucial role played by the plant hormones. We are going to make some changes in our feeding, too. That’s for next week.

Thanks to all our video teachers for their input. You enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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